How to write an SEO friendly Post

Content is still king and content relevancy is even more important for making blog posts better, for this we have to learn “how to write an SEO friendly post?”. To maximize relevancy, it takes even more than simply good content or great design. Even if you have a top rocking topic for your audience, there is still a lot to remember for crafting solid blog posts worth reading. so lets start,

how to write an SEO friendly post?

Create Quality Content

Focus a specific niche blog topic for a specific target audience.
Make sure that your work is relevant to your niche and up-to-date.
Always provide strategies, tips, how to create an articles or entertaining content for your specific target audience and topic. Add value for readers so that they can find valuable information from your blog posts and your article become memorable as a useful resource for valuable information on your topic

Write a Eye-Catchy Headline for your blog post

Always Create catchy title and an introduction for your articles that will make your readers to read the rest of your post.
Explain your readers what your post is about..
Maximize readability for readers and search engines
Keep your sentences as short as possible and as long as necessary for the articles
Organize your post in sections with less than 300 words with strong subheadings and paragraphs with less than 150 words
Always Include 1 internal link & 1 external links for related topics, articles. Use a language and wording that suit to your target readers.
Always use Proofread for spelling errors and grammar.

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